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Luc Saber - "Aspiring Hollywood"

The "Aspiring Hollywood" idea developed while I was teaching screenwriting at UCLA Extension. I saw the need for a forum that provided advice to emerging filmmakers and artists from other entertainment industry sectors. I also wanted to offer a safe place for emerging artists where they could talk about their desires and ambitions and showcase projects a network talk show may not necessarily be interested in featuring. "Before the Glitz and Glamour."

Similarly, I wanted to give established industry professionals an opportunity to talk about their journey to success and offer advice to the new generation.

I hope this venture helped filmmakers, over the years, build their confidence and learn about their craft from seasoned professionals.

I'm incredibly grateful to the talented men and women, my dear guests, who took the time to sit down with me and discuss the entertainment business, hoping that aspiring artists worldwide will benefit from hearing their experiences, struggles, and success. Here, you'll find some of their stories. 

Meet Luc Saber: The person behind "Aspiring Hollywood"
Established May 2009


Luc Saber is a first-generation immigrant and a versatile producer, director, writer, and actor. He spent years studying acting and performing in the Chicago theater district, sharpening his skills as a storyteller. 


After reading hundreds of scripts, his love for writing grew, and initially, he gravitated toward journalism. Luc broke into television as an on-camera reporter and continued to evolve as an executive producer and director of multi-camera live shows and talk shows.


He ventured into long-form storytelling with his award-winning “Placebo Effect,” a feature film Luc wrote and produced that won Best Original Screenplay and Best Feature. He wrote “Scared,” shot at Sony Pictures Studios, and produced, wrote, and directed several other feature films (Showtime releases) where he enjoyed working with film and television stars. 


The veteran actors Luc directed describe him as a generous director who listens and allows the scene to evolve. He’s a true collaborator, organized, and keeps the production moving fluidly— approachable, creative, and a filmmaker that brings extraordinary life experiences to the table.


His sensitivity for directing drama comes from living part of his childhood in a refugee camp. His life experiences while serving in the U.S. military inform his sense of action/adventure. The military training is evident as he handles production politics with respect, professionalism, and grace. 


In addition to feature films, Luc created and produced several talk shows and sold a one-hour scripted TV pitch to Fox/Sony. He taught screenwriting at UCLA Extension, was a guest speaker at California State University Northridge, and is a host of WGA’s “3rd & Fairfax” podcast. He’s also a member of the DGA and WGA LatinX Committees. 

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