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Fabric Of Dreams Cover copy.jpg

Fabric of Dreams is an American psychological mystery short story about a married man who believes that his wife hired an assassin to murder him. The paranoid and depressed man seeks the advice of a psychologist in trying to understand the reason for his wife’s intentions while, at the same time, he struggles to stay asleep so he can exist in a dream world where he’s still happily married. The man’s condition goes from bad to worse as he ultimately realizes what is happening to him.

Blue Cover.jpg

Blue is a book of selected poems written by feature film screenwriter, Luc Saber, whose poetry is peppered with symbolism and imagery plucked out of the dark side of life while exploring the unexplained, the mystery of love, and spiritual dimensions. His poems are inspired by his extraordinary life journey-- refugee camp child, to US military operative, to journalist and Hollywood filmmaker.

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