Meet Luciano Saber: The person behind “Aspiring Hollywood”

Luciano Saber is credited in over 18 titles, such as feature films, TV shows, and web series– as producer, writer, director, and actor. Early days, Luciano served as on-camera reporter for WCFC-TV38, currently TLN. He then continued his career in front of the camera starring in feature films, and hosted news programs and talk-shows. He’s a current and active member of the Screen Actors Guild, the Producer’s Guild of America, Writers Guild of America and the Directors Guild of America. He won awards for screenwriting and producing and is a member of the WGA and DGA LatinX committees. He continues to give back to the entertainment community by hosting the Writers Guild of America’s “3rd & Fairfax” podcast. 

A first generation immigrant, Luciano spent part of his childhood in a refugee camp before receiving the US entry visa, permanent resident status and subsequently his US citizenship. Prior to moving to Hollywood, Luciano served in the US military and the police department. He attended Columbia College, film school, in Chicago and received a B.A. from Columbia College, MO with a concentration in Criminal Justice.