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Aspiring Hollywood is a show where independent artists are recognized, inspired and encouraged to showcase their talent, talk about their struggles, their accomplishments, their fears and their dreams.  Our show will also feature interviews with celebrities that are willing to give back to an industry that allowed them to shine. Aspiring Hollywood celebrates the independent spirit and now YOU can be part of and encourage talented artists in this growing Hollywood community — here’s how!

Simply watch the show and pay attention to the work presented by the guest. Keep in mind their demeanor, personality, overall appearance and level of passion and enthusiasm. Then, decide which guest may be the next Hollywood superstar. Make it a fun game and share the videos with your friends and family, then simply follow the artist’s career and see if you were right. Do you have what it takes to spot a superstar? There are no prizes, but the reward is knowing that you’re contributing to the enhancement and development of aspiring artists. 

There are currently over thirty interviews on the Aspiring Hollywood Channel and I invite you to watch them all. Share them with your friends and family and let us know, in your opinion, which artist might have a fighting chance to make it BIG in Hollywood.

Drop us a line at feedback@aspiringhollywood.com and send words of encouragement to our roster of RISING STARS!

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